RPRprep - Sample Schedule
Schedule variation keeps you from burning out.

Here is a single-day sample of what an RPRPREP.COM schedule looks like. It's a "skeleton" schedule, meaning just the basics are shown in the sample. It will vary depending on whether you select the 3 or 5-week court reporting program. The schedule switches daily to keep you interested!

RPR Prep Schedule - Day 6
Time - 2 Hours, 45 Minutes

Start off each practice session the same way - eyes closed. Breathe in and out deeply about 7 times, and mentally picture all negative energy being expelled from your body. Now, eyes still closed, make a mental note of your body. Are you relaxed? Start at your feet and work your way up to your eyes. Relax any part of your body that feels tense. Now open your eyes - you're ready to work.

10 Minutes
Finger Drills - 7A Hard Copy
Get those fingers loose. Go over each page 5 times. Speed isn't the key. Getting the correct finger position each time is.
5 Minutes
170 Literary - 7A
Still just loosening up.
10 Minutes
180 Literary - 7A

It's a 5-minute take. Give it your best, then play it back a second time as you go over your notes. Circle any errors in red. That's not because you're going to check them later. When you mark them, you are more likely to see patterns in your errors.

10 Minutes
Break Time!
Grab a snack - you need to charge your batteries!
15 Minutes

225 2-Voice - 7A and B

Play the 2, 5-minute dictations back-to-back. Play black 7B and check it to your notes.
5 Minutes
240 2-Voice - 7A
Focus. This is push, so don't expect to get every word. But make sure you get every designation.
80 Minutes
225 2-Voice - 7C
This is a TEST. Write to it, then head straight to the computer to transcribe it. You have 75 minutes. Use every second of time, but don't second-guess yourself. You're a solid writer - trust your notes!
5 Minutes
Break Time!
You're in the home stretch!
5 Minutes
200 Jury Charge - 7A
Focus on writing cleanly. Consider this is a warm up for the following dictation.
10 Minutes
200 Jury Charge - 7B
Write this dictation as if it was a test. You have 5 minutes to prove what you can do. Let your fingers do the work - you've trained them where to go - don't let your brain get in the way. When you're done, read back your notes to the audio.
5 Minutes
180 Jury Charge - 7A
Always end your practice session with something comfortable.

Great job! Today was heavy on steno machine writing - tomorrow it's transcribing. Get your rest - you deserve it!