RPRprep Training Programs
Our Philosophy - Quality, value, structure and guidance.

Welcome to RPRprep.com! Attending court reporting school? Taking the next Registered Professional Reporter exam through NCRA? When your talent for steno machine writing and our RPR Prep Programs get together, nothing can stop you from achieving your court reporting goals! The fact that you've gotten this far in your court reporting career shows that you have the skill, the drive and the mental toughness it takes to become whatever you want!

We're just here to make sure you stay the stenography course and reach your writing, academic and mental peaks when RPR exam time rolls around. Too many times court reporting students (and working reporters) try to "cram" in last minute speed to make up for the time they've taken off before the test. I think we all know that doesn't work.

So we've put together 2 court reporting programs that will keep your speed up, your academics sharp, and your mind focused. You didn't get through school by giving 80% of your effort - why would you take the most important test of your life giving anything less than 100%?

Check out our 3 and 5-week RPR Prep Programs and we know you'll agree - these court reporting programs will give you all the tools you need to give it your best effort. And if you do that, you can't help but succeed!